Switched to Eleventy

This is not super interesting inside baseball, but I’ve converted this blog from Gatsby to Eleventy.

I got annoyed when I tried to make a post a few weeks ago and the Gatsby dev server hung. Realizing I was several years out-of-date, I tried upgrading to Gatsby v3 and ran into an incompatibility between Theme UI and MDX.

Rather than excise one or the other from the code, I recognized that Gatsby was an over-engineered solution to at least my problem, and I found another static site generator.1

I’ve got pretty much all of the posts migrated over. I didn’t bother bringing the ones about comments (or the comment form itself) owing to… this blog has no traffic. And therefore no comments. Find me @fionawhim on Twitter if you have something to say.

The style is very similar but I re-wrote it all in vanilla CSS. Which I don’t love. But I did get a chance to use CSS variables, which is something. I do miss Emotion and being able to generalize, parameterize, and compose CSS styles just as I would other code.

  1. This was trickier than I thought, as a surprising number of JavaScript-based static site generators do not have built-in image support.