Podcast Production

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Some audio editing and production resources I’ve come across while putting together Team-Up Moves, the superhero TTRPG actual play / discussion podcast I co-host with @accommodatingly.


We use Audacity to record locally on participants’ machines, since it’s free. (There’s a Zoom backup we record as well, just in case.)


I’ve chosen REAPER for doing the editing because it’s inexpensive but really customizable and powerful. All of its editing and effects are non-destructive, which is important for me because I like to tweak so much.

I’ve been able to put together a handful of macros for moving pieces of audio around that make it possible to edit while keeping my left hand stationary on the keyboard and my right hand on my trackball.

Some resources:


  • nofishonfriday’s ReaScripts includes the invaluable “Select next item (in time) across tracks” that I use as the basis for a few custom actions that involve selecting a region and moving the next region closer or farther away from it.
  • A Reddit comment from EricTboneJackson that includes a script to ripple-cut audio and then cross-fade the edges together is the basis of a few of my custom editing scripts.
  • 6 custom actions for podcast editing has some inspirational ideas for neat editing actions.