async/.await in Rust Stable

The Rust team have released 1.39.0, which means the async/.await syntax has arrived!

My excitement level is in the intrigued-to-enthusiastic range, like a new expansion dropping for a game that I liked but haven’t played in a while.

What I’d like to do is see how this can be used in my not-yet-released pet project, wifinina-rs, and its released-but-not-used-by-anyone support library, cortex-m-systick-countdown.

wifinina-rs is a Rust client for connecting to wi-fi co-processor chips (typically ESP32s) running the WiFiNINA firmware or its derivatives. (Including the Adafruit PyPortal, which is my target of choice.)

Sidenote: debugging wifinina-rs when the only way I was able to get output was to set the name of its SSID is possibly my favorite development hack.