Recent Crochet Projects

I’ve finished a few crochet projects recently. You can take a look on my Ravelry profile, but I’ll cross-post here as well.

Wildrose Market Bag

Market bag

You can get this design from All About Ami: Wildrose Market Bag

I’ve subscribed to her blog (remember we’re doing that again) and as soon as I saw the motif go by in my RSS reader I wanted to make it. Though, of course, I needed to do it in an on-brand color:

Close-up on the granny squares

Made with Lion 24/7 Cotton in 142 Rose

This is worked as 13 granny squares, which are then stitched together before you crochet the top border and straps. The pattern was interesting but easy to follow. Granny squares are great for working on the train, bus, or when watching my kids at the park.

For best results, you need to block granny squares to make them square and even. I may have also summoned something while doing it…

Blocking a stack of granny squares

This may or may not be the start of some spellcasting.

Dragonscale Gloves

Close-up of fingerless gloves that have a dragonscale texture

I forget where I first saw this idea but once I knew gloves that made you look part-dragon were a thing I had to make myself a pair.

And once my daughter knew they were a thing, she demanded a pair as well. So I let her pick the yarn and did hers first. Mine will come later.

The pattern is available to buy on Ravelry.

I have a fairly tight tension so, using the 3.5mm hook and the small/medium version in the pattern, these fit a 9-year-old pretty well.

Mali models the gloves

I hope to get to my own soon. I may find a different pattern, though, with scales up my arms. Really get my shape-shifter on.